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  • "From start to finish, with you to make your outdoor spaces, dream spaces."

    As integral manufacturers,

    at pergorain we supervise every stage of the process, from the commercial process, design, to installation and warranty.We guarantee excellence in every detail of our bioclimatic pergolas and products, providing total quality control from start to finish for more than 40 years.

    Foundation and 

    Environmental Commitment 
    and Innovation

    Advanced Technology
    and Specialized Equipment 

    More than four decades ago,

    we started our journey in the solar protection sector.
    Since then, we have dedicated our efforts to the sale, manufacture and installation of awnings for individuals and for the Horeca channel.
    Our dedication and passion for offering quality products over the years have allowed us to consolidate our position as a benchmark in the sector in the province of Alicante.

    During the last decade,

    we have developed a strong commitment to the environment by implementing waste management policies for both aluminum and tarpaulin and packaging components.

    Over this period, we have also carried out a continuous process of new product development, expanding our range of awnings to always offer modern and increasingly automated options. In addition, we have introduced tailor-made solutions, such as versatile sails, which are perfectly suited to the individual needs of our customers. This focus on innovation has enabled us to offer advanced and environmentally friendly solutions, thus marking a significant milestone in our more than 40-year history in the sun shading industry.

    At present,

    we pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment and sustainable innovation, we take the utmost care in the execution processes, using the highest number of reusable materials and continuing to apply waste management policies for most of the components we use.

    In addition, we have a team of 32 highly trained professionals and modern facilities of more than 5000 m² to continue researching and developing new products such as our Pergorain range, the latest to have been born to keep us at the forefront and to be able to continue to exceed our customers' expectations.


    Development and Design


    Because every customer is important,

    we offer all our customers personalized advice with a visit from one of our technical sales representatives to carry out a detailed study of your pergola or enclosure project for your business or home, and provide you with a no obligation quote.

    Our sales team will accompany you throughout the purchase process to always propose the best options so you can enjoy the best sun protection in open spaces with the possible additional options that come with our services.

    Our R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation) team :


    • It is managed by an engineer specialized in architectural structures and membranes, working with our partners and other technical specialists to improve and develop innovative solar protection systems such as the Pergorain range;


    • The design and exploded view is supported by the latest 3D technology in order to get a three-dimensional view of the structure to ensure compliance with customer and space requirements as well as to optimize materials;


    • They also work to continuously improve existing products and manufacturing processes.

    This constant dedication is what allows us to offer you the best in every project for your home or business..

    More than 5,000 m2 dedicated to manufacturing, tailoring and development.

    In order to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, we are committed to innovation in state-of-the-art tools and top quality materials. Complying with the strict guidelines set by the European safety regulations UNE EN 13561, we guarantee maximum safety in the manufacture and installation of all our products.

    The manufacture of the structure of the pergolas is made with a system of aluminum profiles, a noble metal with minimum maintenance.

    The lacquering applied to the profiles gives them a high aesthetic and resistant finish, complying with all Qualicoat standards regarding lacquering quality. It is possible to choose a specific color from the RAL chart to adapt the product to the project.

    All hardware used is made of stainless steel.


    Certificates and Warranties

    A hassle-free installation service,

    Carried out by our highly trained team that takes care of every detail to ensure that your pergola is installed accurately and safely (assessing the installation area to ensure a solid and level base), guaranteeing the highest quality in every project and a flawless installation.

    Our team will use advanced installation techniques and specialized tools to ensure that the pergola is placed correctly and safely. Once the product is installed, we will make sure thatevery detail is perfectly adjusted. We'll check alignment, leveling and anything else to make sure your new pergola or enclosure looks flawless.

    Our experience speaks for itself. With more than 10,000 successful projects, we can guarantee satisfaction on every one of our installations. Each project is unique and is approached with the same commitment to quality and professionalism.

    By assuring you of our service and the quality of our products,

    We provide a written 2-year warranty upon completion of the installation and covers any type of manufacturing defect. We also carry out an on-site satisfaction survey to know the degree of confidence of our customers.

    All our products meet the required specifications of watertightness and wind resistance, in laboratory tests are able to exceed the amount of 6 l/m2 per minute for one hour (360 l/m2).

    • We are the only company in the awning sector in Alicante that has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, certifying all our facilities to offer you the greatest security and peace of mind.
    • All Pergorain products are manufactured and installed in strict compliance with the guidelines set by the European safety standard UNE EN 13561. Each installation is backed by high quality safety standards for your complete peace of mind.
    • We carry the FEMPA accreditation as certified installers. Guarantee of quality and excellence in each project.
    • Committed to ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management: An internationally recognized standard that ensures that our operations are conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner, minimizing our impact on the environment.

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