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  • Taut Canvas Pergolas

    Structure with strong and flexible tarpaulin cover

    The perfect ally for your large spaces: a unique experience that connects the indoors with the outdoors.

    The tensioned canvas pergola is a masterpiece of design and functionality, designed to completely transform your outdoor space. With its elegant and sturdy structure and high quality canvas, it perfectly blends style and utility.

    Designed for large spaces, this pergola stands as a true oasis of comfort and sophistication. When opened, it reveals its greatest virtue: the harmonious connection between the interior and the vast sky, offering an unparalleled outdoor experience.

    Its ingenious design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. This pergola becomes your best ally all year round, extending the use of your outdoor area. In summer, it provides a cool and welcoming shade, while in winter, it adapts to maintain a warm and sheltered environment.

    The tensioned canvas pergola offers exceptional versatility, adapting to your needs and preferences at all times. When closed, you enjoy a cool shade that extends the usefulness of your terrace, when open, you make the most of natural light and experience a direct connection with your surroundings.

    Unfolded Tarpaulin

    An unfolded stretched canvas pergola reveals its full potential. The stretchable and waterproof canvas, stretched precisely over the structure, provides a soft and cosy shade;

    It allows the outdoor space to become an ideal shelter. The stretched canvas offers protection against the sun's most intense rays, creating a cool and pleasant atmosphere even on the hottest days;

    Tarpaulin Collection

    When closed, the tensioned fabric folds up neatly, providing an unobstructed visual connection with the sky.

    This configuration is ideal for making the most of natural light and enjoying sunny days without visual restrictions.

    In the event of light rain, the closed tensioned fabric supported by the tilt of the structure provides a basic level of cover, allowing water to run off smoothly into the drainage channels built into the structure.

    Discover the configuration possibilities we offer to customise your pergola to suit your tastes and needs. From wall-mounted designs to multi-module assembly options, find the perfect configuration for your outdoor space.


    It is an ingenious solution to maximise the space and functionality of your outdoor area. By attaching directly to the wall, this pergola integrates seamlessly with your home, creating a fluid transition between indoors and outdoors.

    Wall-mounted  - Duplex configuration

    With the flexibility to assemble up to three modules, our pergola adapts to a wide variety of installations, from residential to commercial spaces. This versatility ensures that your pergola meets your specific needs, providing a tailor-made design for every environment.

    Self-supporting - Standard or Duplex

    The self-supporting retractable pergola does not require external supports or structures to stand upright. This gives greater freedom of location, as the pergola can be installed in any area of the garden or patio without relying on the structure of the house or other buildings.It is an excellent option for creating a welcoming and functional outdoor space without the need for work on an existing building.

    Maximum dimensions depending on configuration

    A - Maximum Width
    7000 mm
    21000 mm
    B - Maximum Length
    7000 mm
    7000 mm
    c - Maximum Height
    3000 mm
    3000 mm
    Sun protection and ventilation
    Control of sunlight penetration thanks to the regulation of the drop-down of the tarpaulin and the properties of the tarpaulin.
    Wind protection
    Wind protection, the structure complies with UNE EN 13561 (European Safety Standard) in category 3 (wind resistance up to 53 km/h).
    Waterproofing of the roof
    Fixed 15% inclination and sealing joints between profiles and canvas create a waterproof barrier that guarantees the enjoyment of your pergola even on the rainiest of days.
    Easy Installation
    Modular design manufactured entirely in-house, ensures efficient installation and hassle-free maintenance
    Remote control
    Automated closing and opening system by motor with a minimum power of 80 N, between canopy and tarpaulin for protection. Optimum tensioning of the tarpaulin from a remote control.
    Fully customised and personalised structure to adapt to every space and need.
    Strength of materials
    Materials in accordance with climatic requirements: Aluminium alloy 6063T6, stainless steel and waterproof and fireproof tarpaulin.

    We use the highest quality aluminium in the manufacture of all our systems. This material allows a wide variety of finishes to customise and harmonise perfectly with the installation environment.

    Aluminium finishes with Qualicoat standard


    RAL 9016
    RAL 7016

    Textured imitation wood


    Rals Colours

    RAL 8017
    RAL 7022
    RAL 6005
    RAL 3005
    RAL 1015
    RAL 9011


    Waterproof PVC tarpaulin


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