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    Additional elements to maximise comfort on your pergolas

    The ideal fusion of innovative design and utility to elevate your space with our pergola accessories.

    At pergorain, turning outdoor spaces into true havens for most of the year is our daily commitment, a tradition we have perfected over nearly three decades.

    Our perimeter enclosures for our pergolas, as well as lighting details and accessories, transcend mere ornamentation to become central elements. We have expanded our range of enclosures to meet your individual preferences, offering more or less privacy, different levels of protection and a balanced interaction with the surrounding nature.

    From windows to transparent glass panels to solutions with filter fabrics, you define your level of comfort and insulation. Turn your outdoor space into a corner that is truly unique and exclusively yours.

    Outdoor lighting is essential to enhance your outdoor space, creating a cosy atmosphere and allowing you to enjoy the ambience even at night, with no time restrictions.

    The LED lights can be integrated into our different products, they have been designed to improve your experience under the pergola at night and therefore adapt to every situation to create captivating atmospheres, whether in your home, restaurant or hotel.  They are fully adjustable in light intensity so that you can adapt the atmosphere at any time and create the ambience that best suits the moment.In the bioclimatic pergolas they are integrated directly into the adjustable slats or into the perimeter of the structure, guaranteeing the total airtightness of the structure. We also offer you the option of installing discreet and elegant wall lights that can be placed on the columns at different heights. The latter is an ideal solution for pergolas that enhance the outdoor spaces of hotels and restaurants.

    The integration of rain and wind sensors provides intelligent management of your outdoor space, ensuring comfort and safety in all weather conditions, day and night.

    Rain Sensor and Wind Sensor (Wind Sensor): 
    The wind and rain sensors allow you to protect your space without needing your presence so that you can escape without any worry, if the weather conditions change the sensors will allow the pergolas to adapt to the adverse situation automatically.

    Wind Performance

    In case your pergola is equipped with a wind sensor, you have the option to set a threshold which corresponds to the sensitivity to wind speed.

    If the wind speed exceeds the threshold you have set, the slats of the bioclimatic pergola for example, will close.

    Also, possible associated curtains or movable roofs will be automatically retracted to avoid any damage.
    Operation in Rainy Weather

    When your pergola is equipped with a rain sensor, it automatically orders the slats or roof to close in adverse weather conditions.

    In the case of bioclimatic pergolas, the design of the slats is carefully thought out to ensure that they are waterproof and prevent water accumulation. Rainwater is efficiently drained away through the posts.

    For tensioned canvas pergolas, the motor is automatically activated to drive the tensioning system that prevents water from entering through the joints in the rails.

    Even when opening the slats or the roof after rain, the absence of residual water ensures that you stay dry.

    Integrated Bluetooth Sound System: Enjoy surround sound from speakers built into the structure of your pergola, controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth.

    Immerse yourself in a exceptional listening experience with our advanced audio system. Equipped with high-quality loudspeakers, this system offers a wireless connection via Bluetooth so you can enjoy your favourite playlists at any time. Whether setting the mood for social gatherings or simply creating the perfect ambience for relaxation, this sound system is designed to take your listening experience to the next level.

    With integrated heating, enjoy a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your outdoor space, whatever the weather conditions, all day and night.

    Even on cooler evenings, continue to enjoy your terrace under the pergola with the efficient IRC radiant heating system.

    Its sleek, avant-garde design provides a powerful and uniform heat source. This radiator is adjustable and can be positioned and removed in height in the duct, giving you total freedom of movement

    Waterproof and corrosion resistant, this high-end product is connected to the mains and can cover up to 7 m² of surface area.

    Our home automation systems let you take full control of your pergola from anywhere, providing a personalised and convenient experience tailored to your needs and preferences.

    Access and control all the pergola accessories from anywhere using the Bluetooth connection of a smartphone or tablet via our home automation systems.

    They allow simple activation and programming of the pergola and its accessories, such as the setting of timers, with just one touch, integrating it perfectly into the home automation system.

    Pergola enclosures provide intelligent climate management for your outdoor space, ensuring comfort and safety in all weather conditions. 

    Introduce a new dimension to your outdoor space with a variety of pergola enclosures.

    From elegant glass panels to versatile retractable curtains, these enclosures offer solutions to suit a variety of preferences and needs. Whether it's to protect you from wind and rain or to enjoy an unobstructed view, you'll find the perfect option to create a comfortable and functional environment in your outdoor oasis.
    See all our enclosure solutions

    Our perimeter cornices allow you to cover the contour of both the bioclimatic and retractable pergola with stretched canvas, and therefore conceal the slope of the roof.

    A perimeter cornicel is an essential and aesthetic element for a pergola, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to the structure. This feature consists of an edge or overhang that surrounds the perimeter of the pergola, providing multiple benefits in terms of both design and protection.

    In terms of aesthetics, the perimeter cornice provides a decorative element that can enhance the appearance of the pergola by concealing the slope of the pergolas, providing a polished and minimalist finish with the cube effect of the structure.

    In addition, the perimeter cornice plays an important role in protecting against the elements. It acts as an additional shield against rain and wind entry, allowing water to run off the pergola instead of accumulating on its surface;

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