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  • Bioclimatic Pergolas

    Structure with adjustable aluminium slats

    The perfect symbiosis between avant-garde design and functionality to transform your spaces.

    At pergorain, we are committed to redefining the way we experience and enjoy outdoor space. Our pergolas are a perfect synergy between innovation, aesthetics and cutting-edge sun protection, designed to provide an elegant and functional shelter in your outdoor space. They adapt to the particularities of terraces in homes and businesses, contributing to the well-being of users, and to the energy efficiency of the environment.

    The pergorain bioclimatic pergola offers total control over the opening of its slats, giving our customers the possibility to adapt it to their preferences at any time. Thanks to its unique design, the slats can be adjusted from an angle of 0° to approximately 135°.

    0º - Flat Roof
    The flat roof design offers effective protection against adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain and solar radiation. It allows you to enjoy the covered space without worrying about the outside elements;
    The 105º position
    Allows regulation of the light entering the space. Creates a natural airflow that displaces warm air upwards and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature on hot days.
    The 90º position
    Natural light can still pass through the louvres to take advantage of the natural light. It also allows rain and snow to pass through, preventing the accumulation of rain and snow on the roof.

    Components of a bioclimatic pergola

    Water piping system

    In the event of rain, the minimum slope of 10% allows the water to flow inside the structure, collect through the channels and then be directed to the drainage points at the bottom. The design provides watertightness and prevents leaks. The design provides watertightness and prevents leaks. The structure is designed to be watertight.

    Our bioclimatic pergorain pergolas are made to measure, adapting to the spatial configuration of the site or space where they are installed.
    There are 4 types of possible configurations:

    Standard island configuration 

    The most common configuration for a bioclimatic pergola, it is fixed to the ground with pillars at the ends. This provides stability and adequate support for the structure.

    Duplex configuration

    This is an option that allows two pergolas to be joined together without the need for intermediate pillars. This solution makes it possible to create a larger and more open space under the pergola.

    Configuration with goal

    A mixed configuration that combines the attachment of pillars to the floor with the connection to a wall can be an excellent option, as it provides additional stability and allows for a more versatile use of the space.

    Wall-to-wall configuration (without posts)

    In this configuration, the pergola is anchored only to two walls, without independent supporting pillars on the ground. This structure rests entirely on the walls for stability and support.

    Maximum dimensions depending on configuration

    A - Maximum Width
    4700 mm
    7000 mm
    B - Maximum Length
    6450 mm
    6450 mm
    c - Maximum Height
    3000 mm
    3000 mm
    Sun protection and ventilation
    Louvre adjustment to control the entry of sunlight and facilitate ventilation, conserving heat in winter and cooling the space in summer.
    Protection against rain and wind
    Wind protection, the structure complies with UNE EN 13561 (European Safety Standard) in category 3 (wind resistance up to 53 km/h).
    Waterproofing of the roof
    Perimeter and slat sealing. Integrated water drainage system for efficient drainage.
    Easy Installation
    Modular design for self-supporting installation in rooms without additional anchoring, can also be secured to the floor to ensure stability.
    Remote control
    Automated closing and opening system by 1800 Nw linear motor or double motor from 16 m2 upwards.
    Fully customised and personalised structure to adapt to every space and need.
    Strength of materials
    Materials suitable for climatic requirements:Aluminium alloy 6063T6, stainless steel and self-lubricating Nylon.

    We use the highest quality aluminium in the manufacture of all our systems. This material allows a wide variety of finishes to customise and harmonise perfectly with the installation environment.

    Aluminium finishes with Qualicoat standard


    RAL 9016
    RAL 7016

    Textured imitation wood


    Rals Colours

    RAL 8017
    RAL 7022
    RAL 6005
    RAL 3005
    RAL 1015
    RAL 9011

    Our collection

    Discover our bioclimatic pergolas designed to transform your outdoor space. From elegant bioclimatic structures to modern designs, we offer functional and aesthetic options.
    Discover our bioclimatic pergolas designed to transform your outdoor space. From elegant bioclimatic structures to modern designs, we offer functional and aesthetic options.
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